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Roma VS Crotone: In & Out (In English)

by Chiara Trinci
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Roma wins against Crotone thanks to Diego Perotti’s penalty and gets three important points to keep the actual position that means Europa.


Fazio: The Argentinian defender plays an excellent match, does not make mistakes and annihilates Crotone’s strikers. He is a guarantee for the team.

Continuity: This is the second win in a row, which means six points in two matches.

Supremacy: Giallorossi supremacy is rarely questioned, in fact Crotone never reaches Roma’s box.


Determination: Our players create so many chance to score, but they do not manage to close in, like during the match against Torino. Posts, bad luck, goalkeepers who play the best match of their life have their faults or merits, but it is necessary to do better than this.

Chiara Trinci

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