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In English: Roma Lazio 2-1 - In & Out

by Chiara Trinci
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An extraordinary Roma wins 2-1 against Lazio thanks to Perotti and Nainggolan’s goals and jumps to fourth place in Serie A.

: Radja is an incredible player. Although he was not at his best because of thigh injury, he showed off an excellent performance culminated with the second goal, maybe the most important of the match. Magnificent.

Team: The spirit of self-sacrifice and the determination Giallorossi played with prove that Roma is on the right track to become a top team.
Di Francesco: He checkmated Inzaghi from the first minutes of the match. In fact, Roma dominated and annihilated its opponent, winning the derby.

When you win a Derby, it is impossible to find the negative side, above all after a perfect match like this one.

Chiara Trinci

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