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In English: In&Out Inter-Roma: Giallorossi light up San Siro!

Luciano Spalletti’s side wins 3-1 against Inter and gets three important points thanks to Nainggolan and Perotti’s goals. (Alessandro Tagliaboschi - translated by Chiara Trinci)
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Yesterday morning, I woke up, it was a sunny day, I thought about the match and I realized it was real and not a dream. My favourite team won 3-1 at San Siro and prevailed over the opponents, so I smiled with my heart full of joy. It was a good day because Roma won and showed its superiority and this proved that it is the only anti-Juve, despite the different players of the two teams and the points in the league.

The first positive note is the team lined-up by Spalletti. For the fans, Emerson Palmieri’s injury represents a problem, but for Spalletti it is a chance to confuse Inter, lined-up with the same formation as Roma. It is a surprise that the substitute of Palmieri is not Mario Rui, but Juan Jesus who participates more than him in defense. It has been a great idea, also thanks to the excellent performance of the former player of Inter who disabled Candreva.

The star of the match is Radja Nainggolan, an incredible player who is always a surprise match by match and inch by inch. It is not easy to find an adjective to describe his excellent performance in terms of quality and quantity, spiced up with two incredible goals. He improves his skills match by match as attacking midfielder and the numbers prove that: 9 goals in the league and 12 in all the competitions. Roma cannot afford to let a player like him get away.

Moreover, the match is a prove that in the next football market, Roma’s society does not have to sell Manolas, Fazio and Rudiger. No matter what. They are a certainty for a solid defense, typical quality of the top teams. In fact, for a serious project, it is necessary to have excellent defenders and they prove they are in every match. After so many years, we have managed to square the circle, maybe it is not a good idea to destroy it.

Now, it is time to commend Bruno Peres. The Brazilian wingback is not yet at his best, but has run all over the wing for the entire match and has denied the goal for Perisic. During the first leg, he made a great performance, also thanks to his assist for Dzeko. This time he does not assist anyone, but plays with determination and sacrifice.

I could continue the analysis of all the players’ performance, but I do not want to repeat myself. This team is a surprise thanks to the group and to the players who have a final common objective: the victory. Just as the fans. Once Spalletti named it “obsession” and maybe he was right. The team wants to win a cup at the end of the season and it is not easy negate that if we consider the strength and the determination it plays with. Dear players, we support you and you give everything for Roma, hoping to celebrate something more important than a match on May. Forza Roma!

(Alessandro Tagliaboschi - translated by Chiara Trinci)

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