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In English: In & Out Cagliari Roma

Is there anything that we can save of this match? (Alessandro Tagliaboschi, translated by Chiara Trinci)
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For Roma, the last month of summer ends with the equalizer for 2-2 against Cagliari, but it looks like a defeat. It's frustrating notice that we seem to have seen it all before, with the same protagonists, with the same mistakes and with the same end.

But to get to the point, it's time to describe what is “in” and what is “out” about the match against Cagliari on Sunday night.


Strootman goal: In spite of the big disappointment, we are very happy for this guy who scores again after 952 days and too many obstacles in his way. Of course he's not at his best yet, but Kevin is coming back and maybe this is the only good thing now.

Edin Dzeko: I have to say something about him. I'm not a fan of the Bosnian striker, but I have to say that last night he made a great assist for Strootman who scored the second goal, he tried to help the team, he fought like a lion and if it wasn't for Storari, that seems to be always at his best when he plays against Roma, he would score.


Anything else:
I'm not superficial or defeatist, but if I analyze the match, there's nothing that I can save. The defense causes problems, the physical condition of the team is terrible and there is also the usual, inexplicable and unacceptable lack of attention. It's time to open the eyes, consider that the team is not complete, intervene in the football market and buy at least two other players who can raise the level of quality of the team. Do you think anybody's going to listen it? Or do we continue to pretend that everything is okay and must content ourself with few joys and innumerable disappointments? We have faith in society for the last two days of football market.

Alessandro Tagliaboschi, translated by Chiara Trinci

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