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In English - Liverpool VS Roma In & Out

di Chiara Trinci
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Liverpool beat Roma 5-2 on Tuesday night and now, things will get complicated. Di Francesco’s side will need a miracle, like the one against Barcelona, to move into the Champions League final. Two goals from Dzeko and Perotti are not enough.



Nainggolan: He never gave up, fought against every opposing player and was one of the few who caused Liverpool’s defenders a lot of trouble. The only one.

Fans: They support the team the entire time and never stopped singing, even when Roma was five goals down.


Defense: Defenders made many mistakes. Leaving Salah free to do whatever he wanted was the worst one.

Focus: After a first half, which Roma started positively, Di Francesco’s side lost focus and determination. This is not acceptable during a Champions League semi-final.

Chiara Trinci

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