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In English: In & Out Roma – Austria Wien: it’s all true!

It’s not easy to say who played well and who didn’t last night. (A. Tagliaboschi translated by Chiara Trinci)
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During matches like this, a question haunts us and drive us crazy: “but what I’m seeing is it real?” and the answer is always the same: yes. After that, Austria Wien takes the lead thanks to Juan Jesus’ huge mistake (without doubt the worst player of the match), El Shaarawy scores twice and Florenzi marks the 3-1. The victory seems to be out of the question.

Until the last ten minutes of the second half, everything is fine. El Shaarawy scores two goals, as usual Totti makes two amazing assists and Gerson shows his qualities, but Austria Wien equalizes scoring two goals in two minutes. We can’t believe that, our players can’t believe that, maybe even Austria Wien ones can’t believe that but it’s all true. Everything turns off. Spalletti has failed too lining up Emerson Palmieri as right back and Salah and Dzeko when the score was 3-1.

Because of this, it’s not easy to say who played well and who didn’t. As I said earlier, we could talk about El Shaarawy, Totti or Gerson, but we don’t play favourites here, even if last night the team made the umpteenth bad impression in European competitions.

We should hear something different from the usual “now we have to work harder” declaration because after matches and performances like these, we want stricter reactions from society and it never happens.

Maybe this is why Roma seems unable to grow up. On Sunday, we will play against Palermo, the best possible chance to get up. Hope we don’t waste it as we always do. FORZA ROMA.

Alessandro Tagliaboschi, translated by Chiara Trinci

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