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Benevento VS Roma: In & Out (In English)

by Chiara Trinci
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In the first midweek evening match of the season, Roma plays against Benevento, one of the three teams promoted to Serie A last year. Although the opposing team is more enterprising than the previous one, Hellas Verona, the outcome is a foregone conclusion: 0-4.


Kolarov: He makes an excellent performance and always helps his teammates when someone of them makes some mistakes. Despite his age, his class is indisputable and the experience gained with Manchester City makes him one of the best left-backs of the world.

Gonalons & Pellegrini: The French player substitutes for De Rossi and shows his good skills… maybe we have found the captain’s perfect substitute.

Dzeko: He is an incredible striker, but we already knew that. His double, the five wasted chances to score and the fact that he hits the post twice are a clear demonstration of his qualities. If he scored more, I don’t know where he could be... maybe at the same level of Garrincha or Pelè!

Perotti: He is a thorn on the opposing player’s side. He attacks, runs, dribbles and every time he goes in the box is a goal scoring chance. When he does not play, the team missed him.


Under: He is the only negative thing of the match, because of his mistakes made during the actions, so El Shaarawy substitutes him. This is normal for a young but talented player like him and he will have the rest of the season to improve and grow.

Mission accomplished. It was not easy for Di Francesco to win against Benevento, above all after its defeat against Napoli, but the turnover worked at 100% and he has showed that the sport squad of Roma is complete and competitive.

Chiara Trinci

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