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Atalanta VS Roma: In English

di Chiara Trinci
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Serie A is back and Roma plays an away game in Bergamo against Atalanta that, despite the important sales of Conti and Kessie, is still the well-organized team that placed fourth last year and will play the Europa League on this one.
During the first half of the friendly match against Celta Vigo the team took a bashing, but against Atalanta the situation seems to have improved, although it does not mean the problems have disappeared. It is clear that Roma fears the tactical organization of the opponent, above all because of the absence of collective play that Di Francesco is trying to teach his players with some difficulty.

It is the first day of the new season, so there is not a lot of positive things to say but the commitment and spirit of self-sacrifice of the players to cling to the one-goal advantage. The experience of Kolarov has been fundamental both in defense and in attack (Roma takes the lead thanks to his free kick). For now, Juan Jesus seems to be the best partner for Manolas, who is the regular centre-back, waiting for Moreno.

The first negative thing is the game plan of Di Francesco, because it seems that the players have difficulties adopting his orders even during the match. The second one is the society that has not yet bought the centre-back and the winger Di Francesco needs.
On Saturday, Roma will play a difficult match against Inter of the ex-mister Spalletti, so the team will have to make an extra effort, above all in terms of tactic.

Chiara Trinci

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