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We are nobody's second choice

Andrea Monaco
Redazione de Il Legionario
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In the last days, Conte has refused AS Roma, saying that at the moment there are no conditions. AS Roma does not have the same economic power of Juventus, but the atmosphere is amazing and in this passionate city, he would have done a great job.

Probably, the coach is waiting for a call of his old team or of Inter and Roma was just a second choice. This is the point: AS Roma is not the second choice of nobody and no one can touch it and suppoters want people that love this city and this team.

Now, the focus must be on the last three matches, because there is always hope of arriving in Champions League, even if it is difficult. On Sunday there will be the most important match of the year and the team needs his supporters.

At the end of the season, every discussion will be permitted, not now. Ranieri deserves respect for what he is doing and for his class. Whatever happens, thank you Sir Claudio. All together, FORZA ROMA!

Andrea Monaco

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