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In English - In & Out Juventus – Roma: 1 shot, 0 points!

The match against Juventus has shown all the limitations of Roma and Spalletti must bear his share of responsibility. (Alessandro Tagliaboschi, translateb by Chiara Trinci)
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Juventus beats Roma thanks to a wonderful goal of Gonzalo Higuain who marks the match of the season, as it has been dubbed, and sends Juventus seven points clear at the top of Serie A.

Giallorossi never won in the last seven matches at Juventus Stadium, but this time the defeat hurts in a different way. Roma has shown a deep inferiority complex for Champions of Italy. Despite its attack (the best one of Serie A until the match) and its assumed best way to play football (as well as Napoli), Roma uses only the corners to try to reach the equalizer and the first shot at goal arrives during the second half. It seems that Giallorossi have entered the field only to play a defensive match or to equalize it, not to win. I do not think that this is the best way to face Juventus, especially considered its top-players who can break the match with a feat, just like “El Pipita” did on 14 minutes.

The match of the season against Juventus has shown all the limitations of Roma and Spalletti must bear his share of responsibility. His decision to line up Gerson as regular player is illogical because until Saturday evening, he has played only 85 minutes in Serie A. Essentially, we have played with ten players for 45 minutes. El Shaarawy replaces De Rossi only on 70. To me, it was too late. Losing 1-0 or 2-0 or 3-0 does not matter, it is always a defeat with 0 points. Roma does not suffer other goals thanks to Szczesny who saves twice from Sturaro. Even if we have also Allison, I hope that Wojciech will be our regular goalkeeper and that Roma’s management will open a discussion with Arsenal to let him keep staying with us. But it will not be easy.

The man of the match for Roma is Radja Nainggolan who has played well during the second half, although he was not at his best and his teammates suffered the pressure of Bianconeri.

About the attack, Perotti tries to create some chances, but he fails. Dzeko is too isolated and Salah cannot do much against Juventus defence.

Those who think that the team has made a great performance do not help it to improve.

The second half played by Roma is not enough to make us happy, in fact, Buffon does not make a save. We expect more from a team that should aspire to the top.

Now, it is time to start over, because the next match against Chievo is extremely important. Maran’s team plays very well and is a problem for any team. The others ones that run for the second-place win match after match. Napoli wins against Torino thanks to a super Mertens and Lazio does the same against Fiorentina. Will we come second even this year? Unless there are unimaginable surprises, the answer is “yes, we will.”

Alessandro Tagliaboschi translated by Chiara Trinci

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