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In English - Napoli VS Roma - In & Out

di Chiara Trinci
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Roma shocks Napoli with an emphatic 4-2 victory, thanks to the goals from Under, Dzeko (twice) and Perotti, and moves back up to third place in the table, that means Champions League, as Juventus won over Lazio.


With his double, he leads his teammates to victory and this is exactly what we want to see.

Alisson: He is definitely an alien, a Martian, and Roma cannot help but his saves. Phenomenon.

Determination: Di Francesco’s side stay focused and determined for the entire match, beating Napoli at the Stadio San Paolo.


It is not easy finding a downside, but if we have to, we think that Roma suffers too many goals, so there is something to improve.

Chiara Trinci

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